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We believe in creating magical moments because it’s your wedding, not just another party!
Pagdi is such an important part in Indian marriages that it just cannot be avoided. It has been so long that Pagdis are being worn by Indian people, not only in marriages but also in their daily lives. If we take the example of Rajasthan, people there wear again before they step out from their home. It is an essential part of their attire. It tells about the profession ad cast of the people there. This has been a very old practice in Rajasthan, Of course, people in India have adopted some modern practices in weddings but they are just addition. None of their Indian ways have been sacrificed due to the adoption of modern and western influence.
For most of us, the planning and the wedding madness starts as soon as the date is finalised, and with so much to do in such less time, we have to learn how to multi-task and get things done! So we decided to make it a lot easier for every bride and groom with this Complete wedding check list that has everything you can possibly imagine! Stick to this and we assure you'll be all set!

Our wedding pagri for barati

Wedding pagri for barati is also one such thing. This ritual which has been deeply rooted in Indian culture is still alive in Indian marriage ceremonies and that too in a full-fledged manner. You can see people sporting Pagdis in Baraat and also during the other ceremonies which take place during the wedding. One must think why Pagdi for wedding are so popular among the baraarti. The main reason is that pink Pagdi has the capacity to blend with an outfit of any color. Black, blue, shimmery or anything, pink Pagdi does not look odd or out of the box with any color of the attire. These days even women wear Pagdis and safa. The difference in the Pagdi for women is that the Pagdis which are for females have a long tail attached in them. This tail is adorned with sitara and other shimmery stuff.

Our Gallery

From designer Pagdi with floral prints to embroidered zardozi, you can choose from the curated collection of Pagdis carefully designed to match your outfit that you are going to wear on the wedding or any other special occasion.
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