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About us

Wedding Photographers in Hyderabad


6 years ago, a coffee table conversation triggered our journey of wedding planning and decor. Within a short while, we felt like we've found our passion and there has been no looking back ever since. Wedding planner was not exactly a profession you would think of or study for in a school! As a young people, we were always knee on shaping our careers. After completing our graduation we started on with some desk jobs only to realize it wasn’t truly our calling.
Then we started off doing some very basic setups for friends and family. In a few months, we blessed with the opportunity to work for an event with one of the finest Hotel in the city for a Trade prompt show, which changed everything. We started spending time on events. We enjoyed every bit of our work; it took over our life and became our number one priority. The recognition came faster than expected, workload increased but we are thrilled and on track to make our dreams come true! Every single event was and still is a learning experience.
After starting Mars Event Planners we learned to deal with everyone right from the client to whom you have to sell the idea, to the onsite labour team that has to execute the idea, each having a definite mindset of their own.
The best reward is the joy of happy clients! It’s been 6 years now. Our team has grown steadily we’ve put our heart and soul into the wedding planning. Without a doubt, we’ve come a long way. But if you ask us, it still feels like our college days.
For us Mars Event Planers is not only about following your dreams but also realizing them. About keeping an open mind towards all career options and exploring your true potential when your passion becomes your career. Even when you're doing what you love, finding success won't be an easy path. So most importantly, to never give up on your dreams especially once you realize them.

Our Mission

“Our purpose is to create the ideal event for our clients in a convenient and un-stressful way”

Our Vission

“Create Great Services for our customer that will add value in their events”