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Wedding Cakes

We love wedding cakes! Because finding the perfect one is not a piece of cake

No wedding celebration is complete while not cutting a cake! Right from your bachelorette, engagement cake to your final marriage cakes and all the celebration cakes in between, we’ve got the most effective list of cake retailers and bakers for you. You’ll be able to flick through the most recent and best styles for all of your celebration cakes at Mars Event Planners. We love wedding cakes! We have everything from the latest trends (bye naked cakes!), to the flavours’ everyone loves, expert tips and thousands of beautiful wedding cakes to inspire you.

Beautiful Wedding Cakes

While the bride and groom could also be the middle of all attention at marriage, the cakes come back at range #2! For the most part, a Western tradition, the trend of cutting a cake at Indian weddings additionally is garnering plenty of attention and how! Couple these days want to induce elaborate beautiful wedding cakes that their guests wouldn’t solely fancy however also bear in mind for years to come! Bakers and cake manufacturers that are terribly far-famed and in-demand could also be engaged even a year beforehand, particularly throughout the height season.
Before you choose upon your order, you would possibly need to possess a basic plan of your wedding cakes with name. A two-tiered cake with multiple decorations like Byzantine piping and sugar flowers would value over a straightforward cake with ancient garnishing. Some bakers stand out in explicit flavour or vogue – you will need to raise concerning it beforehand, therefore, you create an alternative accordingly!

Unique Wedding Cake Designs

Before you even place an order, you would possibly have a basic plan of however you wish your cake to appear. So, it’d be wise to raise your baker if they will customize cakes as per preferences or will you have got to decide on from unique wedding cake designs?
Some Bakers wedding cakes with prices can also embrace packaging and traveling value. Ensure you discuss this intimately and beforehand. There isn’t a hard and fast rule – you may cut a cake at your wedding, or any other function like the reception or the engagement! Whether you are ordering an engagement cake, a marriage cake, or a reception cake, it is very important to choose the perfect cake by making sure you’ve got the right taste, size, and style on point! At Mars Event Planners, you may notice a mix of extremely rated cake bakers.
You’ll be able to additionally raise the seller to indicate a sample or invite you over for a cake tasting, to understand however smart the seller is! Whether you’re searching for ancient cake bakers, if you’re want to order cakes for different functions sort of a cake for reception or for the engagement, you’ll be able to flick through MEP showcase of over one hundred bakers to bring the magic of your wedding alive on the plates of each guest!

Our Gallery

Our gallery is filled with pictures of beautiful wedding cakes that we have arranged for the ceremony, keeping the choice for pattern, flavor, and other preferences as closely as possible.