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Wedding Events

We believe in creating magical moments because it’s your wedding, not just another party!
When you’re looking for event organizers in Hyderabad or a team of experts who can make your dream a reality, choose the best professionals with proven experience in planning a fabulous, memorable wedding. Mars Event Planner would help make your perfect celebration happen in a unique and luxurious style.
We know each wedding is different and every bride-to-be or groom-to-be has a unique idea of how it is going to pan out. So, we design wedding events tailored exactly the way they want. Our ability to understand and envision what is important to you helps us in our mission of conceiving and planning your gorgeous once-in-a-lifetime affair.

We discuss event plans with our clients and provide them with a detailed walk-through of every aspect, starting from the very beginning of the planning process to its latest developments. Discussing plans with clients and keeping them updated about every moment enables us to reach the highest level of personalized services. Thus, from the venue to date selection to vendors to event designing to the final execution, and everything in between, we pay extremely close attention while ensuring our clients’ priorities are fulfilled and every ornamentation used reflects their story.

We understand that a wedding is the most important celebration of your life, which requires to be stress-free and enjoyable. So, we look after every small detail of the wedding events. Be it scheduling, paperwork, logistics, phone calls, emails or anything else, we are there to care for so you don’t have to.


Wedding Event Management

Your wedding day must be just about you! We are committed to take care of every tiniest aesthetically-driven details and keep up our promise to plan your wedding ceremony the way you want it to happen. From Addu Thera to Garlands, Rangoli to Bridal Makeup, Pelli Pallaki to Gifts or anything else you need, our wedding event management team arranges every detail to quietly take away all your worries so that you can simply relax and enjoy your big day.
We are honored to be different and ensure that your wedding will be unlike another. We take a handful of projects, one at a time to secure our complete dedication in making your wedding event as personal and unique as possible.

Our collaborative process starts with establishing a true personal connection with our clients, discover their authentic moments, and use them as inspirations for our designs. Our motto behind gaining close connections is to allow our clients trust our planning and design capabilities, open up about their wildest dreams and expectation so that every discussion we have with them are meant to take a thoughtful step toward making the wedding “a dream come true”. 

We offer our clients caskets filled with happiness.  Our event designs are reflections of their visions and our every possible effort to make them classic and timeless without missing the hints of modern twists.


Wedding Events Planner

We pride ourselves as the best wedding events planner in the city. We would love to meet you and learn about your interests. Connect with us to enjoy and experience a fabulous wedding within your budget.

We work on

We make your wedding planning easy and hassle-free with our extensive support. From arranging Sannai Melam and Nadaswaram, preparing special effects, and every bridal need, we manage all.  

Our Gallery

Adding a unique touch of elegance to your wedding event is the key to craft a celebration unforgettable for both you and your guests. We make every effort to bring in a signature look.