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Poola jada

For most of us, the planning and the wedding madness starts as soon as the date (or the groom is finalised, and with so much to do in such less time, we have to learn how to multi-task and get things done! So we decided to make it a lot easier for every bride with this bridal checklist that has everything you can possibly imagine! Stick to this and we assure you you'll be all set!There are so many things to buy and arrange for your wedding that it’s easy to overlook a few of those wedding accessories. However, it’s the small details that make your wedding unique and special, so run through this checklist to make sure you’ve got all the bridal wedding needs.

Poola jada for wedding

How much does every girl love a poola jada designs ? Well the answer is unanimously beyond words. Bring back all your summer holiday memories with freshly made poola jada at your Grand mom’s place. The flower jada or poola jadai came a very long way across generations, but the tradition of wearing it for a south Indian wedding hasn't changed a bit. Ever since we specially categorized poola jada for wedding was to keep the traditions intact and yet provide more options to the brides to go with the changing trends and yet the flower jada to be comfy and light weight

Inspirations for our designs

Our collaborative process starts with establishing a true personal connection with our clients, discover their authentic moments, and use them as inspirations for our designs. Our motto behind gaining close connections is to allow our clients trust our planning and design capabilities, open up about their wildest dreams and expectation so that every discussion we have with them are meant to take a thoughtful step toward making the wedding “a dream come true”.

Our Gallery

Poola Jada is one of those traditional accessories in a south Indian wedding that has not changed with time. We provide beautifully prepared Poola Jada that are comfortable and lightweight, yet designed to be traditional. 

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